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Alaska Girl Eats

Kim Sherry


I've pretty much been in love with food my whole life (I mean, haven't we all?). My family feels the same way. We are all 'good eaters'. And everything I'm sharing with you is a representation of what I love to bake, cook, eat and drink with my family and friends. The majority of what you see here is home cooking and baking. I believe strongly in making regular meals at home and as often as possible, having the whole family sit around the dinner table to share a meal. Now that my children are teenagers and have jobs and obligations, it's harder. But, we make it happen as often as possible. I love and take a lot of pride in being a home baker and home cook.


For my most recent cooks and bakes, please visit and follow me on Instagram: Alaskagirl_eats

Thanks for stopping by and I really hope you

find something you want to try!


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