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Colorful Macaroons
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Hi There! I'm Kim!

I am a fourth-generation Alaskan who lives in Anchorage, along with my husband, two beautiful daughters, and a house and yardful of unruly pets.


I spent the first 18 years of my life in the remote Alaska village of King Salmon – located in the Bristol Bay Region.  After graduating from a class of 18 in 1995, I entered the University of Southern California, earning a degree in Psychology. 


I have done many things during my life: I was in sales and marketing for about 15 years, I am a self-taught artist of charcoals, acrylics and watercolors. I now specialize in pet portraits, I've owned a clothing design company, I've written two children's books, I know how to keep busy and not get bored. Although, I'm sure it drives my husband crazy! 

During all of the 'stay at home time' during the pandemic, I also gained a new obsession and appreciation for making French Macarons. These petite baked goods are a fun, new  challenge.  They are little pieces of art in themselves. I love cooking and baking and sharing ideas for fun food!

Thanks for stopping by my site. My intent is to fill it with meals, drinks and desserts that you can make at home for yourself or your family.  I hope you find something to inspire you and I promise to try to always keep things interesting!

For my very latest cooks and bakes, visit and follow: Alaskagirl_eats on Instagram

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